The Cooking

Imagine sitting down to dinner in the house of Davide Oldani. A famous chef, a zesty friend and a mystery guest whose identity will be revealed thanks to a highly personalized menu.

The CooKing is a format running on Real Time that blends tastes, smells and recipes to discover how much they reveal about a person’s identity. With the help of an interested friend, the hottest chef on the television menu welcomes his celebrity guest, but not without first having hinted at his or her identity through clues that spice up every dish. We follow him to the market, where seasonal delicacies are piled high on every stall, while he dispenses tips and wisdom from his gourmet philosophy. Then we join him in the kitchen as he whips up a dinner to please the palate and reveal the personality of the mystery guest. But wait is that someone at the door? But keep an eye on the clock! If the guest doesn’t show up on time the dinner and the revelations might end up overcooked. The CooKing was developed by Showlab and Take, a communication agency, as branded content for Samsung. The purpose is to increase brand awareness and position the hi-tech brand in the field of food & cooking, while redefining Samsung products as designer goods and smart devices. What’s more, the television format is paired with a digital operation. On the Samsung website Davide Oldani’s recipes are offered as viral video pills: a process of gamification connected to the operation that encourages penetration via social networks and the brand’s YouTube channel.

  • CLIENT: Samsung
  • GENRE: Cooking Show
  • ON AIR: Real Time 2013
  • PLATFORM: Tv Show & Web Project
  • PDF: Download Here