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About Us

Showlab is Prodea Group's media company established in 2004. Initially intended for audiovisual productions for the group's activities, with particular focus on branded content, an area in which it remains one of the leaders in Italy, the activity was subsequently oriented towards production of TV series and early and late evening television programs. Currently Showlab produces and markets, nationally and internationally, audiovisual content for TV, cinema and platforms.

With highly experienced executives in its production divisions (Animation & Youth, Fiction Series, Documentaries, Feature Film, and Branded & Corporate) and commercial (International Distribution & Acquisitions, Consumer Products), and with its consolidated network of editorial, artistic and technicians, Showlab is today one of the most important 100% Italian media companies able to manage its contents at 360 °: from development to production, from creation to marketing, on the audiovisual and derivative products markets.

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