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About Us

Showlab Distribution Sales & Acquisition division was activated in early 2019 when Micheline Azoury joined the team. Quickly growing and expanding the division to become a leading Global distributor of Showlab’s contents, Azoury has also partnered with other producers to expand Showlab’s offering catalogue. Activating a wide variety of channels, from traditional broadcasters to all OTT digital platforms, working directly with producers and broadcasters and VOD platforms to find the perfect home for each property.  


We sell awesome shows to platforms in more than 150 countries across the globe, including YoYo, Miracle Tunes, Whiskey & His Friends, GGO Football, and more. We are now working with 15 producers from all parts of the globe, with a burgeoning library containing some 500 hours. Our approach is to partner with producers, and nurture their shows. We are growing to become a preeminent supplier and distributor of major catalogue’s for programming to broadcasters across the globe; a success story starting from our Domestic country Italy.

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