Sweet Sardinia

Are you really ready to do anything for your better half? Then why not test your romantic chemistry on board a sailing ship, far from terra firma and any possibility of escape (except swimming)?

Sweet Sardinia is the adventure reality show in which eight couples climb on board a Galleon and set sail for the most unspoiled coastline on an island of wonders. The objective? To discover if their love is really true. Throughout the eight weeks the couples will be asked to share their space and their romantic ups and downs, but also to confront a series of trials, both physical and relational, in the sea and on land, testing themselves with the traditions and customs of the island. A sort of prenuptual honeymoon but a honeymoon from hell. The trials will be shown in the daily daytime episodes, while every week the Galleon will dock in a different port that will transform into the natural set for the primetime episode. Here a jury of experts, consisting of three members (e.g. a physicologist, a romance writer, etc.), will judge the strength of the romantic bond as revealed by the couple throughout the week. The two weakest couples will undertake a dramatic final challenge: only one of the two couples will reboard the ship to continue the voyage of discovery of the island, but also of each other.

  • GENRE: Adventure Reality Show
  • TIMESLOT: Primetime
  • SCHEDULING: Weekly
  • DURATION: 60′
  • COUNTRY: Italy
  • PDF: Downaload Here