POV - I primi anni 

Now airing on RAI Gulp and RAI Play

Narrated by a group of students in an authentic, sometimes crude manner, POV - I primi anni brings to light important adolescent themes in a playful and unexpected format. Alternating between traditional frames shot by a film crew and intimate selfies recorded by the young protagonists themselves, director Davide Tosco has created a singular aesthetic that is a both casual and complex. Francesco Bigi, Erica Gallesi and Nicola Conversa, penned the series, whose title POV (Point of View) recalls the jargon of videos posted by teens on social media. 

Scripted teen drama 
Ages 10 -1 5 and families
Based on the "Brugklas" format, Tuvalu Media (The Netherlands)
Davide Tosco
52 x 12'
Showlab Srl in collaboration with RAI Ragazzi