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Pal Around

Airing on YouTube

Created for Amaro Montenegro, Pal Around brings to life stories about the meaning of friendship with a host of famous guests. Reuniting real friends at the bar counter, they recount their personal experiences and friendship, in a very human and intimate way. Alessandro Cattelan plays the role of the barkeep welcoming different famous guests at the counter: Francesca Michielin, Hell Raton, Tommaso Paradiso, Federico Russo, Pierluigi Pardo, Aurora and Ciro of The Jackal. All great friends even in real life, away from the stage, once the spotlights are turned off.

Branded web series & social media

season 1 - 3 x 15'
season 2 - 2 x 15'

Amaro Montenegro
Showlab Srl

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