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My Faith

Evolving through multiple platforms this factual series explores diversity through the voice and gaze of children around the world. Each story is based on real life events and personal challenges felt and narrated as learning experiences in the life of each protagonist. The surprising emotional response to the diverse circumstances are conveying a very personal take on the protagonists spiritual dimension as they articulate genuine interpretations of what religion means to them. My Faith aims at stimulating curiosity and enriching viewers knowledge towards different cultures and spiritualities.

Documentary for children & family
10-15 years, families​

An original format in development
12 episodes x 12'

Cinekid (Amsterdam)
Financing Forum (Malmo, Sweden/ Svezia)
Michel Cayla, Davide Tosco

M'GO (Singapore), Karbe Film (Germany), Showlab (Italy)
Developed with the support of the Turin Piedmont Film Commission
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