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Kapuf - Piccolo Mostro

In production

His name is Kapuf, and he is the new ET. Everyone in the family thinks he's just a puppet except her, Kiki, his little friend who is ready to introduce him to life on Earth, which, however, she doesn't know very well either. Under the pretext of explaining it to Kapuf, he then asks his mum, dad or grandma each time. This is how Kiki and Kapuf's story evolves, among amusing misunderstandings and an alien who is now a puppet and now an animated character. Beyond talking with fun and disenchantment about the discovery of friendship and curiosity about the world, the series is characterised by the technological innovation that has allowed the very young actress and the "3D CGI animated" alien to act in real time.

Preschool sitcom


Preschool sitcom Hybrid, live action and 3D CGI Real Time Animation

26 x 11'

Neutral, 3-6 years old
RAI Ragazzi / Showlab Srl / RAI Production Division
Davide Vavalà (Rai), Stefania Gallo (Showlab)

With the support of

Film Commission Torino Piemonte



RAI YoYo and, on demand, on RAI Play                              

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