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Il metodo Stanislastrico

Now airing: Prime Video

A game about language made with the public. The reinterpretation of Dante's triplets in a modern key becomes a special "Italian dialect" that combines height with the most bloody popular verve. In this special Maurizio Lastrico recites the best of his comic games without neglecting the new explorations on the theatrical language. 

A theater party, a live party, where the real protagonist is that invisible place where the thoughts of those who act and the thoughts of those who listen meet. All within a magnificent Italian theater that after years of remote contacts, becomes the square where we can embrace. "Leave every drag you who enter" and enjoy this journey with a smile on your face. 

In this special also two exceptional guests to re-propose the performance of Maurizio Lastrico in Sanremo.


1 x 63'
Prime Video 
Showlab Srl
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