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Giustizia per tutti

Now airing: Canale 5

Roberto is an esteemed photographer, sentenced to thirty years in prison for the murder of his wife Beatrice, an established lawyer of an important Turin firm. 
It was he who found her body, and in doing so contaminated the crime scene. Roberto did not give up, in the face of unjust accusations, and in prison he decided to graduate in law. 
Ten years later, he gets out of prison with a life to start over. 
Roberto's biggest opportunity came from Victoria Bonetto, daughter of the owner of the law firm where Beatrice worked. 
Victoria wants him to collaborate with her studio to defend those who, just like him, have been victims of bad justice. So, Roberto begins a new path, which will allow him to discover several things, also concerning his past and that of his wife.


6 x 50'
Showlab Srl
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