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Dalla parte degli animali KIDS

Rete 4

On the side of animals becomes On the side of animals - Kids: a new cycle (ten episodes) of the program that has found a home for animals since 2017, hosted until now by the Honorable Michela Vittoria Brambilla, temporarily entrusted, in compliance with the level playing field for the European elections , to the co-host, her daughter Stella Sofia. Alongside Stella, an exceptional team: her brother Leo (6 years old), already a co-star in many episodes; Beatrice (6 years old); Giulia (9 years old); Mia and Tommy (12 years old), who will talk to veterinarians and experts to learn the "secrets" of forest and farm animals.


10 x 80'
Rete 4

Showlab Srl 
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