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Baby on the way

A documentary series for children and families, telling stories of childhood expectation, jealousy, happiness and stress as families prepare to embrace a new member – the baby on the way. In each episode, the child protagonist’s fears, hopes and dreams about the new arrival are expressed in their own words, but also visualised through animation sequences. These short films focus on the small, everyday crises of family life, and the mundane acts of caring, thoughtfulness and forgiveness which make families strong. Baby on the Way won the “Special Achievement Prize” at 2018 Prix Jeunesse, an award for projects with various partners around the world that have contributed to produce high quality educational content for the development of children media. Season 1 and 2 are co-productions between 12 different countries.

Documentary series for children & family
10-15 years, families​

Season one: 7 x 13'
Season two: 6 x 13'

Finalist Japan Prize 2016 and 2018
Prix Jeunesse 2018 Special Achievement Prize
Davide Tosco (Italian Episode)

EBS (South Korea) in collaboration with Showlab and public broadcasters in Bhutan, Mongolia, Myanmar, Singapore, Cambodia, Chile, Thailand and Vietnam
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