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Virtual Set

Prodea Led Studios of 2,000 cubic meters located in Strada la Manta 24 in Turin, Italy. The set is one of the largest in Europe with an area of 256 square meters for a diameter of 16 meters that gives a great opportunity to the production to better manage the balance between real and virtual sets. Around the stage there are 512 square meters of LEDs placed on a structure designed and built ad hoc. The vertical walls have a pixel pitch of 1.8, currently one of the most defined in the world. While the roof, which covers the entire surface of the set, has a pixel pitch of 4.8. To facilitate production, there are 23 motorized hoists for suspended lights and trusses, as well as easy allocation on reclining supports along the entire circumference of the LEDs. ​


This impressive structure benefits from the use of the first totally Italian software based on proprietary servers created by the newly established Unspace s.r.l., an innovative start-up that bases its verticality in the virtual production sector, implementing plug-ins and tools based on Unreal Engine and introducing new photorealistic design pipelines in the film production chains. The tracking system is provided by 27 Optitrack Cameras41. ​

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