The program “Wishlist – The Stinger Method” tells the adventure on the road of a famous person who, having reached a turning point of his life, takes a break from the daily routine to satisfy his wish list. Together with a traveling companion, he will complete three activities, according to the dictates of the Stinger Method: an achievement that has always been dreamed, a passion that has been overcome in time, an overcoming of its own limits. Led by personal coach Gerry Grassi, the protagonist will mature a greater awareness of himself and will be ready to start the second half of his life.

The three episodes focus on:

  • Francesco Villa (episode 1): to celebrate his 25th year of career together, Franz decides to challenge himself and his inseparable friend and colleague Ale. The dictates of the Stinger Method will test the harmony of the couple.
  • Sergio Muniz (episode 2): Actor and model decides to take a moment of reflection, facing the Stinger Method together with his friend Filippo. The personal coach will lead him to rediscover himself and his potential.
  • Elettra Lamborghini (episode 3): 24 years old and already many experiences behind, Elettra Lamborghini decides to take a moment to understand some things about herself and decide which direction she must give to her already brilliant career.


  • GENRE: Docu-reality
  • CLIENT: KIA Motors
  • ON AIR: May 2018 – NOVE
  • PLATFORM: Tv Show & Digital Project