Wheels on fire

Wheels on fire is a talent show dedicated to rookie drivers and a great multiplatform project, a large-scale social media contest spawned on the web and then taken to the next level as a unique television event. In 2012 the format was at the root of Make it your race, international branded content for Fiat Abarth, which involved 6 countries: Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, the UK and Benelux. The goal? To increase Abarth brand awareness in Europe, starting from the web. Step one: Online casting. Anybody can go on the program’s website to upload a video introducing themselves on wheels: only the top vote-getters will take part in the competition. Step two: Trials. The contestants with the most votes on the web will qualify for the time trials, where they will be judged by a team of 6 coaches, stars of the racing world. After a series of trials on the race track, each coach will hand pick his team, choosing four drivers. Step three: Bootcamp. In 6 teams, the 24 contestants will face punishing driving tests and gruelling challenges. But to make it to the final stage they have to survive the judgement of their own coach, who each week is charged with eliminating one contestant from his own team. Step four: The Race. On the Monza Formula One Circuit the 6 finalists, one per team, will race against professional drivers: who will be first to the finish line?

  • GENRE: Talent Show
  • TIMESLOT: Prime Time
  • SCHEDULING: Weekly
  • DURATION: 30′
  • BROADCASTER: Sky Sport (Italy) – Mtv (Switzerland) – Men’s Up (France) – Ab Moteurs (France, Turkey, French speaking Africa) – Sport 1 (Germany) – Rtl (Belgium) – Life Tv (Belgium)
  • PDF: Download Here