The Soul

The Soul is the new adventure reality which challenges the third millennium manĂ¢’s values: courage, soul, tenacity e adaptability.

9 competitors, 9 aspiring real men. A path strewn by endurance tests and high adrenaline challenges. A journey into the contemporary men’s universe. A Siberian Education where putting to test your own fears leads to the discovery of unrevealed strengths, because the real transformation is born from our souls. To guide them there is an exceptional coach, Mauro Berruto, the national Italian volleyball team’s trainer. With help from Federica Lazzara, Miss Kia Soul edgy lines and icy wit.

A 6 episodes long journey, during which the 9 competitors will have to prove to possess all characteristics of a true warrior: courage, willpower, dexterity, speed and adaptability. From no gravity challenges, suspended in mid-air, to spicy races where teamwork is fundamental. From martial arts and ethnic cuisine, to the challenge that will make them face the most atavistic fear: darkness. The winner will be able to continue his journey on the new Kia Soul, winning the car and becoming the new Brand Ambassador Kia.
The Soul is a branded content designed for Kia Italia Motors, aiming to launch the new model of Kia Soul. The format has been conceived from Kia’s brand values: what are the characteristics of the third millennium man? What values should he reflect?

Briefly, what’s his true soul?

The brand Kia’s presence has also been ensured:

Presence of the Kia Soul cars, suitably customized, both in occasions to arrive where the challenge took place, and also in some occasions for the functional element to the challenge

  • Name placement in the program’s title: The Soul
  • Graphics, divided according to font, colours and mood of the Kia brand
  • Presence of Miss Kia Soul, Federica Lazzara
  • Verbal citations within the program to win the new Kia Soul, which one of you will become the new brand ambassador Kia.

The theme of some challenges refers to the Korean culture and imagery, complimentary to the brand’s home.

  • CLIENT: Kia Motors Italia
  • GENRE: Adventure Reality
  • ON AIR: Dmax – 2014
  • PLATFORMS: Digital project, Field Events & Tv Show