Stand Up

Extremely popular in America and England, stand-up comedy throws the comedian on a bare stage and armed only with a microphone in front of a live and demanding audience. Originality is imperative: no tired old gags, no hackneyed jokes, no dusty props. To win the audience stand-up monologues must be fresh and new and often draw inspiration from everyday life. Now Stand Up is bringing the raw purity of the comedic monologue to Italian television audiences. A permanent cast of comedians appear one after another on a moving treadmill, along with an anti-host who blends in with the audience and a group of hecklers who try to throw the comedian off his guard. Spontaneity, creativity and comedic dexterity are the secrets to a freewheeling format where the only thing assured is the audience’s delight.

  • GENRE: Comedy Show
  • EPISODES: 10 x 50′