Shopping Race

Via Montenapoleone, Piazza di Spagna, Avenue Montaigne, Bond Street, Fifth Avenue. What if the most famous streets in the cult of fashion transformed into race courses?
Shopping Race is the game show that tests the ability of shopoholics to give themselves a totally new look. Dump the high heels, the platforms and the indecision: what it really takes to win is determination and stamina. Two competitors, a fixed budget and 90 minutes to put together a stunning new outfit from head to toe, like a real stylist. With one exception: running shoes, because as in any real marathon, in Shopping Race you’ve got to run.
Three rules: buy only one item per shop, skip boutiques already sacked by the adversary, and never set foot outside the confines of the Pink Zone, the designated shopping mecca. A dedicated app, a sort of Google Maps for shopping, will show the competitors the limits beyond which they cannot cross. Those stepping over the boundry will pay a penalty: a 10% reduction in their available budget.
When the time is up, the competitors will don their new ensembles: who will be the queen of the catwalk? The judges will be the at-home viewing public, who will have a week to vote for the best new look via a dedicated app. The two finalists will have a unique occasion: fly to the fashion capital to compete for the title of Shopping Racer. London, Paris or New York?

  • GENRE: Game Show
  • TIMESLOT: Prime Time
  • SCHEDULING: Weekly
  • DURATION: 30′
  • COUNTRY: Italy
  • PDF: Download Here