Miracle Tunes

The Italian adaptation of a famous Japanese animated Live Action Miracle Tunes X Idol Warriors.

A tv series of 51 episodes x 26. The main target is: female 4 – 9 years old.

Since ancient times, the Kingdom of Music, a place of peace and harmony, has been protected by the Crystal Melody Box. This contains the Sound Jewels, used to create cheerful melodies and spread peace around the world .

Suddenly, Demon, the Lord of Darkness, destroys the Crystal Melody Box, steals all the Sound Jewels and changes them into the Jewels of Negativity.

To defeat the negativity and prevent the world from being enveloped in darkness and silence forever, the Goddess Of Music, who has always ruled over her kingdom, gives the Rhythms the task of going to Earth and finding some girls to help them defeat Demon for good.

Emily is already a pop idol and thanks to the love of her fans during her live concerts, she accumulates harmonic energy within the Pod.

During an audition for members of the idol band Miracle Miracle, Emily meets Julie and Jasmine.

The two girls will join Emily in the struggle against evil, changing into Miracle Tunes idol warriors. Now numbering three, the Miracle Miracle or Miracle Tunes are more powerful than before.

Thanks to the harmonic energy they have accumulated, they’ll be able to defeat Demon and his three henchmen working for him on Earth, the Doku Doku Dan.

Miracle Miracle always arrive in the nick of time. They change into Miracle Tunes thanks to the power of dance and music and, with their sceptres, launch bolts of positive energy to free those infected with negativity.


  • GENRE: Animated Live Action
  • ON AIR: October 2018 – Boing and Cartoonito
  • PLATFORM: Tv Show & Digital Project