Master of Magic – The Show

Live on stage before an audience of over 2000 spectators, the first show featuring world-renown magicians created expressly for TV. Unfathomable illusions, death-defying stunts, the world’s greatest mind-readers, manipulators and quick-change artists combine with the irreverent personalities of Comedy Magic to create a TV format with an intense, gripping rhythm. It’s a high-wire act of excitement and tension in which the TV audience witnesses first-hand what extraordinary deeds these talented men are capable of. These are just some of the legendary names that have graced the stage: Stevie Starr, Kevin James, Jonathan Goodwin, Ed Alfonso, Mike Michaels, Arturo Brachetti, Erix Logan, Gaetano Triggano, Brett Daniels, Peter Marvey, Cyril Talayama, Aaron Crow, Arno and Toney Chapek.

  • GENRE: Magic Show
  • EPISODES: 3 – 90′