Magic School

The first school of Magic on Tv, the first opportunity for young aspiring magicians to learn the fundamental secrets of the Art of illusion, by following few simple steps which child would not attend a school in which you can become a real magician¬Ě exactly like Harry Potter?

Stimulating fantasy with specific anecdotes, exciting stories and performances from the world of magic
Developing the manual ability of children through simple games which are easy to create
Reinterpreting the classical world of fairytales with the technological lens
MAGIC SCHOOL is the first school of magic on TV in which the young aspiring magicians can discover the most simple secrets of magic, build the kit of the young magician with common tools and see the world leading illusionists in action.

With the hosting by the idols of the young viewers, magic dresses itself in a modern key, games and creativity, transporting both children and their parents into a world where the only rule is free your fantasy Entrance to the world of magic is represented by Dapperporta (Everywhere door), the door which takes you everywhere or rather a giant tablet in which magic is mixed with technology. By simply touching the screen you enter into the dimension of Magic School, where the Magnificent 4, the teachers of Magic live: Maramago the cheating magician, Rintontino the trouble maker magician, Skizzo the Jack Sparrow of magic and Glitterina a little magician who talks to the little girl viewers. Along with them incredible illusionists and fantastic stories animate this anti conventional school, where you learn enjoying yourselves! Fully up-to-date, Magic School is also an interactive format: watching You Magic the younger viewers can directly take part in the programme sending videos of their own real magicians tricks.

  • GENRE: Kids & Teen
  • EPISODES: 60 x 20′
  • ON AIR: Rai 2