Let it out

Join us for a trip, on a blue couch, through the best city squares in Italy. Rome, Turin, Naples, Rimini, Palermo, Milan, Florence. Let it out is the tour that will take you on a folkloristic journey around Italy, from north to south, to witness the significant stories and emotions that marked the people’s life experiences. How? A blue couch is placed at the center of 100 Italian squares: it’s the modern confessional where anyone can have a seat and tell his/her story. The host is sitting on the couch in a city square giving it a living room feel, he invites people passing by to take a seat to share their experiences and emotions, while relaxing in a safe environment. From street to web: the videos showing these confessions are edited and shared through the Kleenex web TV and on Youtube.

  • GENRE: Brandend Content
  • SHOWING: 2008/2009 Kleenex Italy Web TV
  • PDF: Download Here