Insider gets the inside story, pushing the extreme limits of the law. Insider is an investigation format that tells the story from the inside, with a presenter that acts as a special undercover agent. The Columbian international cocaine traffic, the black market for organs, illegal immigration across the Mexican border, dog fighting: every investigation reveals a different part of the world, the dark side left unrevealed by the media. Rule number one: disguise. In order to infiltrate the presenter creates a new identity: makeup and clothes, but also gestures and accent. Armed with microcameras and assisted only by a hidden operator, the Insider transforms himself into a pusher, cult follower, sex turist or arms trafficker. Every episode is self-contained: the office is the key location where the investigation begins and reaches its conclusion. But the Insider’s mission is outside, in reality, 24/7, with face-to-face interviews, gathering testimonies. Every clue leads to a new chapter in the story, but danger is always one step behind, and his cover always one false move from being blown: will the Insider pull it off to uncover the truth?

  • GENRE: Undercover Show
  • TIMESLOT: Prime Time
  • SCHEDULING: Weekly
  • DURATION: 60′
  • BROADCASTER: Italia1
  • COUNTRY: Italy
  • PDF: Download Here