Il Mio Nemico

A “tale of the real” where the chronicle of a Libya at war acts as a background to the compelling story of an “infiltrator” in the militias of the Islamic State. More than two years lived dangerously by the protagonist, but also by Luigi Pelazza, Director in the field and at the same time narrator of a story that could be the plot of a film.

From the point of view of the Militia of Misurata and of the so-called militias of the Islamic State, we discover the indoctrination, the daily life and the ideology of the Islamic State.

They are unpublished, raw, shocking images.

The docu-series has two protagonists: they are the “insiders” that Luigi Pelazza infiltrated, first in the radicalized environments in Italy and Tunisia, and then in an ISIS cell operating in Libya. A mission accomplished at the risk of life that shows us the war on both sides of the barricade.


  • EPISODES: 3 of 40’ each + 1 episode of 60′
  • BROADCAST: Sky Atlantic HD