Festival of Magic

The first Festival of Magic was born from the flair of the actor and comedian Raul Cremona, as a tribute to Milano’s magic enthusiasts. Teatro Manzoni’s stage becomes a real arena of wonders where many artists appear: Carillon’s poetry, Zio Potter’s wizardry and the great illusions of Ottavio Belli, Mirco Menegatti and Shezan’s magics and the greatest Italian female trickster, Gaia Elisa Rossi.
A surreal and fantastic travel through small enchanted trunks, fairy doves, evocative exhibitions of dance and magic. Let Raul Cremona take your hand and guide you, together with Felipe, towards an event of Italian magic and fantasy not to be missed. Let’s jump in an ancient world that keeps charming.
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  • GENRE: Magic Show
  • EPISODES: 2 x 48′