Due Punti Aperta Parentesi

Network abuse is a growing phenomenon, affecting increasingly large portions of a very specific population’s segment and becoming the main source of youth distress. Due Punti Aperta Parentesi enables the interested parties to talk, tell stories of boys and girls, victims and offenders, with the aim of understanding a complex reality, which is habitually told with an alarmistic, rarely reflective tone. A further level, throughout the voices collected during workshops with students and children, is added to the dramatic stories: they are tips for users and wise reflections that want to show us the way to greater awareness. The people concerned demonstrate us that they have very clear ideas on matters that concern them closely.

Due Punti Aperta Parentesi is a tv documentary, a series of in-depth radio and online content used in classes. It is a transmedia Showlab project spreaded throughout the public service’s platforms (Radio 3, Rai 3, Rai Play, Rai Radio Play), preceded and followed by itinerant workshops in schools with the aim of providing prevention tools.


  • CLIENT: Rai
  • GENRE: DocumentaryON AIR; Rai 3, Radio 3
  • PLATFORM: Crossmedia (Tv, radio, web, off-line)