Battle Dance

A colourful arena, a fascinating host, 5 professional dancers who fill the stage with energy and give dancing lessons.
Battle Dance brings the world of modern dance to TV in a way kids & teens adore!
In every episode two teen crews compete to the rhythm of Hip Hop, Video Dance and Dance Hall: the only aim is to enjoy yourself!
Three challenges.
The Masterpiece: the competing crews present their best choreography.
The Tribute: both crews must perform the same video by a famous artist.
The Face to Face: a member of the crew must show his ability to improvise in a head to head with a rival, having just 30 seconds before leaving the stage to the opponent crew’s performer.
The viewers decide which team wins voting on the internet.
Battle Dance, pure energy and entertainment!

  • GENRE: Dance Show
  • TIMESLOT: Daytime
  • SCHEDULING: Weekly
  • DURATION: 60′
  • COUNTRY: Italy
  • PDF: Download Here