Lets talk defense

Spell dodge is Replica Bags Wholesale underrated imo.Generally you want your defenses to cover all the bases, which is hard. Armour is good against physical attacks/spells, evasion is good against all attacks but not spells, Designer Fake Bags Enfeeble is good against most things (besides stuff like ground caustic clouds) but not against hexproof enemies. You need some chaos res because Fake Designer Bags not much else covers chaos dmg.There are lots of ways to mitigate physical attacks, decent mitigation against elemental attacks, but spells are tough, so that why high quality replica handbags I think spell dodge is good. wholesale replica designer handbags Spells usually don oneshot you too, so sdodge chance based mechanics can come into play.Anyway, just try to plan cheap replica handbags for everything. I had success with a armour/evasion Champion that also crit for shatters, always on Fortify, high attack speed and blasphemy temp chains purse replica handbags for good positioning, and poison immune from pantheon. I died to phys reflect in T7 because it was my first time in HC, but I sure I could have pushed farther if I had remembered to check for that and you better believe I Fake Handbags won die to reflect again.Juggernaut is also really good, since it ticks all the boxes: physical, elemental, chaos.Wyrmsign gloves for rampage. Add in Ahn Heretage shield for high life, aaa replica designer handbags armour, 3% all res, and perma onslaught. Equip 2 fragility jewels replica handbags china to put you at 0 max end charges with the shield.Bones of Ulyr boots with the uber lab enchant for regen 2% fo life and mana per second if you were hit recently.Vis Mortis chest piece ONLY if you have it 6 linked. 4 Wholesale Replica Bags spectres is great, but 6 links is mathematically better damage. Can wear a tabula until you get the 6L vis mortis.Flasks, instant bleed life flask, instant mana flask, basalt of curses with at least reduced charges Replica Designer Handbags used for 2 full uses from full flask, quicksilver with freeze. Put whatever you want on the mana flask. Since your Designer Replica Bags mana is part of your life, this is only needed for healing.Jewels. 2 fragility, 1 or 2 unending hunger for spectre soul eater.Get flat life/mana abyss jewels for other slots.CWDT Immortal replica Purse Call Bone OfferingFlesh Offering Convocation Desecrat Arcane Surge. Arcane surge is for the mana regen as a defensive stat. This is optional.Curse on hit ball lightning proj weakness. Also procs elemental equilibrium. Can do https://www.ermobags.com double curse variant and add in ele weakness as well.Decoy Totem Inc Duration Vaal Haste/Grace. Up to you which you want. Decoy totem Replica Bags is godly at keeping mobs off you. So strong on bosses too.Raise Spectre Minion Damage Ele Focus Controlled Destruction Spell Echo GMPDon need pierce, you get more than enough from proj weakness.This build layers many defenses together to keep it alive. HC players playing safe really outlevel the content, grind a bit in fast leveling zones and proceed with more life from levels/better gear.I suggest slayer leech reliable fortify for general mapping. Block and dodge are pretty important if you don have regen. Armour regen leech is great vs labyrinth/general mapping. Slayer leech is probably the best for bossing with enough ehp/flask usage.High EHP CI builds running lots of regen leech and other forms of mitigation are pretty awesome. Trickster/Occultist/Regen Inquis can all be very tanky.There also totem leech, which is seemingly very excellent with enough damage, though without the damage there you Replica Handbags might struggle to find enough leeched per second to hit the cap with ease.Also rolling maps, its extremely easy to KnockOff Handbags underestimate the replica bags power of replica handbags online these map mods, you make your own difficulty.Besides that, experience is probably most important. Understanding things like how Izaro can have modded damage and that double beyond can potentially have a ton of heavy ele damage, or that minotaur has really dangerous falling rocks that don need to be facetanked. Often enough you see Handbags Replica videos of people just smashing this content with pure damage.

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