Educational Efficiency

canadian goose jacket The Guardian ran a short but canada goose outlet store near me provocative op ed the other day. Sergey Brin studied mathematics and computer science. His partner, Larry Page, studied engineering and computer science. [Mark] Zuckerberg [of Facebook] dropped out of Harvard, where he was studying psychology and computer science, but seems to have been more interested in the latter. canadian goose jacket

canada goose coats on sale Now mathematics, engineering and computer science are wonderful disciplines intellectually demanding canada goose outlet uk and fulfilling. And they are economically vital for any advanced canada goose stockists uk society. But mastering them teaches students very little about society or history or indeed about human nature. As a consequence, the new masters of our universe are people who are essentially canada goose jacket outlet uk only half educated. They have had no exposure to the humanities or the social sciences, the academic disciplines that aim to provide some understanding of how society works, of history and of the roles that beliefs, canada goose outlet uk sale philosophies, laws, norms, religion and customs play in the evolution of human culture. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose black friday sale We are now beginning to see the consequences of the dominance of this half educated elite. As one perceptive observer Bob O’Donnell puts it, “a liberal arts major familiar with works like Alexis de canada goose outlet edmonton Tocqueville’s Democracy in America, John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty, or even the work of ancient Greek historians, might have been able to recognise much sooner the potential for the ‘tyranny of the majority’ or other disconcerting sociological phenomena that are embedded into the very nature of today’s social media platforms.” canada goose black friday sale

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Canada Goose Parka First, let me admit that the article verges on being a mean, little hit job. canada goose outlet florida I canada goose outlet toronto location don’t know what Mark Zuckerberg reads at night, or whether more Aristotle canada goose discount uk would have given him pause as he wrote the code canada goose outlet washington dc that became Facebook. He was a kid at the time letting his talents go where they would which happened to be straight to the bank, so good for him. Plenty of people finish Harvard’s course of treatment, some come out wiser, others largely the same (if not a tad worse). The institution of higher education is hardly the only method for clawing your canada goose outlet england way out of Plato’s cave. And, canada goose outlet online store review considering canada goose outlet factory that Facebook started out as little more than a way to put names to the partly remembered faces of frat party conquests, or post pictures of your classmates disrobing after six shots of Jameson, we never should’ve had high hopes. This is not to say that those who seek higher education as a means for getting better job, or look only to take the courses that are necessary for doing so, are somehow doing something wrong. They are simply following the economic logic of the system we’ve created. It’s almost impossible to grab a reasonably remunerative job without a college degree, so it makes sense that people would seek to get one in the quickest and cheapest way possible. To pretend otherwise is dishonest and akin to the pleasant canada goose outlet kokemuksia charade that is NCAA men’s basketball. The NBA won’t let you in without at least a year canada goose factory outlet vancouver of college, so everyone goes and plays basketball for a year at a university. We pretend they are student athletes, they play basketball, we place bets on the eight vs. ninth seed, take long lunches in March to watch the tournament, listen to “one shining moment” as it ends, and then many of the players go onto the pros. This works fine and all, but it’s not in any way about education, it’s about getting a job. Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose Outlet This conception of the role of education isn’t applied only to talented seven foot point guards. It has increasingly infected our educational system as a whole. Higher education shows the signs most clearly, as university after university scrambles to develop degree plans that amount to nothing more than unnecessarily expensive and time consuming forms of vocational school. Yet, the rot goes deeper, reaching back into secondary and primary education, as parents focus on each level of education as a step towards getting into a good college so as to provide their children with a chance to canada goose outlet website legit get a good job. Canada Goose Outlet

buy canada goose jacket cheap Again, at the individual level, that is the blameless (and indeed, laudable) behavior of responsible parents, but it points to a deeper, systemic canada goose outlet in uk problem. By allowing the logic of “the market” to infiltrate yet another aspect of life, we are, for all practical purposes, sapping ourselves of wisdom in the interest of fashioning people into better fitting cogs for our economic machine. The market follows the path of least resistance towards canada goose outlet real one end: efficiency. Efficiency is a proper objective in many aspects of life, but not all. One would like to think we desire more for our children and fellow citizens than gofind simply being efficient. “Preparing buy canada goose uk Canada Goose Outlet people for the workforce” is more than just a flawed vision of education, it’s a window onto our increasingly impoverished view of humanity. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose online If we instead saw ourselves in a better light as creatures that seek and need more than efficient resource accumulation the objective of our education system might be different. It might focus on creating in a person the conditions needed for their flourishing as human beings. So that they might have not only a rewarding career, but a rich life outside of it. One where they build meaningful relationships, live ethically, create, recognize what is good and are better prepared for the inevitability of suffering. This form of education might encourage to bring it back to canada goose outlet online the Guardian piece our geniuses to think, not just about how to solve problems and build new things, but to consider what new problems these solutions might create. This is precisely the purpose of the liberal arts, the first casualty of efficient education, and canada goose sale uk the necessary ingredient for anything remotely deserving of the term civilization Canada Goose online.